What are Jolt temperature sensors?

Our temperature sensors allow you to remotely monitor equipment temperatures from anywhere. The moment temperatures fall outside their customized range, you get a notification. In short, temperature sensors protect your business’s most costly asset—your inventory.

iPhone with a Jolt sensor notification and a temperature graph

Why are Jolt sensors better?

Jolt provides a simpler interface for managing equipment temperatures—even across multiple locations. We tailor scenarios to your stores, and set custom triggers to notify the right person when something falls out of range. It’s a more proactive approach to food safety, and…

...a lesson we learned the hard way.
Sensor Scenarios screenshot

How do Jolt temperature sensors work?

Wireless sensors placed throughout your business communicate and transmit temperature data to centralized hubs. Jolt then collects the data, and interprets it using easy-to-read graphs. These allow you to derive actionable insights, and implement strategies to improve food safety.

Limited beta pricing on Hardware

No additional monthly fees. The Jolt Sensors product is included in the standard Jolt supscription plan. Hardware is priced during the beta period at a significant discount.

  • Jolt hub Hubs Sale Price $3999
    per hub
    $99.99 (60% off)
  • Jolt sensor Sensors Sale Price $1999
    per sensor
    $49.99 (60% off)

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